Kampot Salted Long Pepper - 100g Recycled Paper

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Fresh Salted Long Pepper (Kampot IGP) is an exclusive production of La Plantation. Addictive from the first bite, the Fresh Salted Long Pepper from La Plantation is ready to consume. Its artichoke taste reinforced by a strong spicy note and its crunch make this Salted Fresh Long Pepper an original and unique product to discover, which has already arrived at the menu of several Michelin star chefs and new cuisine chefs.

Kampot Long Pepper, "Piper retrofactum", is a flowering vine of the family of peppers, originally from Java, Indonesia.

Fruits of the long pepper are harvested by hand, still green and before maturity. They are washed and blanched and undergo a complex process of fermentation with Kampot salt. Developed at La Plantation, this fermentation reinforces the flavor that is like the fresh green pepper picked and eaten from the pepper tree.

It can be eaten alone or cut into thin slices on a salad, on fruits and according to your inspiration.

The first impression in the mouth is sweet and then spicy strength comes in second.

Once the package has been opened, we recommend that you keep your Salted Fresh Long Pepper in a closed jar, protected from light and moisture, so that it retains all its flavor and aroma.

Gently place, after cooking, on your preparations or just eat it. Refrigerate after opening. DO NOT USE A GRINDER.

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