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Kampot Pepper - Delicate Aromas and Flavors

hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint
The Kampot black pepper develops strong and delicate aromas.
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sweet notes of red fruit and honey
The Kampot red pepper is the region’s flagship product, less spicy than the black pepper.
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hints of fresh herbs and lemon
The Kampot white pepper develops a powerful bouquet and delicate aromas.
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Salted Pepper
Addictive from the first corn
Fermented with Kampot sea salt, which reinforces fresh green pepper flavor.
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Salted Kampot Pepper

Monde Selection Gold Award-Winner

Monde Selection brings together more than 70 internationally renowned experts, who assess the intrinsic quality of each product as a whole, according to very precise criteria. Monde Selection is not like other contests or competitions.

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Kampot Pepper

The flagship farm in the Kampot area in southern Cambodia, follows century-old traditions to preserve the original taste of each peppercorn. These peppercorns are hand-picked, sun-dried and packed to deliver the best sustainable pepper, which is organic and 'World Fair Trade Certified'. We are proud to bring the award-winning and unique Kampot terroir to tables in the USA!

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Kampot Pepper Supports Sustainability

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Kampot Black pepper is recognized as one of the best peppercorns in the world!

From January, the ripe bunches are harvested by hand. They are then seeded, washed and sun-dried for 2 to 3 days.

The Kampot black pepper develops strong and delicate aromas. Its taste is very intense and mild at the same time, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint. It complements grilled meats and fish perfectly. It is best not to cook pepper. Instead it should be milled freshly on the plate.



At the height of the dry season, towards the month of March, the peppercorns ripen on the vine, turning from yellow to red. Harvested by hand at full maturity, the red peppercorns are then washed and sun-dried.

The Kampot red pepper is the region’s flagship product. It develops powerful fruity aromas. Its unique taste, less spicy than the black pepper, has sweet notes of red fruit and honey.

It enhances and flavors your dishes and desserts. Its delicate aroma develops in particular when added to strawberries and pears.



White pepper is the result of the transformation of red pepper. Its outer coat is removed by soaking it only for 1 night. The Kampot white pepper develops a powerful bouquet and delicate aromas. Its intense, spicy taste conceals hints of fresh herbs and lemon.

The Kampot red and white peppers are extremely rare peppers because of the difficulty in harvesting them at the right moment at full maturity and the need to have a large enough workforce to pick these peppercorns by hand. The Kampot region is one of the few regions to produce white peppercorns from red peppercorns.


exceptional climate

the province of Kampot

This region is renowned for the beauty of its agricultural landscapes, with palm trees reflecting in the rice fields at sunset, fruit trees (mangos, durian) heavy with fruit and majestic pepper trees rising towards the sun. It is also renowned for its quality of life and the smiling welcome of its inhabitants.

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