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All La Plantation pepper is hand-picked, hand-sorted, sun-dried and then carefully packed for your enjoyment by an experienced team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff.  

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Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a flowering vine of the Piperaceae family, native to the Malabar Coast. This vine grew wild in the forest, along tree trunks, in the Kerala in India. Plants were then transported and grown in tropical areas, such as Brazil, Madagascar and South-East Asian countries. Since the 13th century, the region of Kampot has developed pepper plantations, aided by the region’s exceptional soil. Kampot peppers stand out by their unique flavor. They develop a relatively sweet pungent taste, fruity aromas and an exceptional flavoring in the mouth.


Pepper berries all grow on the same plant, but are harvested or processed at different stages of maturity. Like wine, a good pepper must not be mixed with others (just as you wouldn’t mix red wine and white wine in the same glass). You will taste and appreciate better the characteristic aromas of each color of pepper. 


Since ancient times, pepper have been recognized for its medicinal qualities, as demonstrated by many recent medical studies. It is good for digestion and may help to prevent and combat various forms of cancers (including breast cancer when it is combined with curcumin). It has effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an antidepressant and has aphrodisiac qualities. We advise you to enjoy pepper without restraint.

Kampot Pepper USA Gourmet Organic Pepper

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Certified Organic

The production of pepper in Kampot is controlled and regulated by the Kampot Pepper Producers Association and it is all grown organically and certified annually by Eco-Cert the leading organic certification in Europe.

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Kampot Pepper

The History

From the arrival of the Chinese in the 13th Century to the French Protectorate, Kampot Pepper has a rich history.

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