Pearls of Long Pepper - 50g Recycled Paper Pouch

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Pearls of Pepper come from the Long Pepper harvested at full maturity. A careful work is done by our workers who extract from the red fruit, these tiny grains of long pepper. They can be used directly on your dishes, carpaccios or fresh cheese. The crunchy and aniseed notes will surprise your guests. A product to be discovered.

Kampot's Pepper Long, "Piper retrofactum", is a flowering vine of the family of peppers, originally from Java, Indonesia.

To produce the Pearls of Pepper, we harvest the fruit of the Long Pepper when it is at full maturity. Pearls of Pepper are tiny grains of pepper, the size of a poppy seed. They are found under the outer shell of the long pepper, closely resembling a hazelnut kitten.

A careful work is done by our workers who extract from the red fruit, these tiny grains of long pepper. They are then washed and sun-dried for several days.

On the nose, aniseed and mint notes stand out. In the mouth, the first impression is sweet, the spiciness arrives in a second time. The peppercorns are ready to be used in slow cooking dishes or added when serving on soups, salads, charcuterie, meat, carpaccios, fresh goat cheese or fresh or sautéed fruits.

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you keep the Kampot Pearls of Pepper in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture, so that it retains all its flavor and aroma.

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