Kampot Red Long Pepper Sauce - 10oz "Small Batch Production"

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Kampot Red Long Pepper Sauce - 10oz "Small Batch Production" is Gluten Free and Vegan.  Ethically sourced, this special sauce incorporates the wonderful Long Red Pepper, cultivated in Kampot.  The fruit is harvested when fully ripe and then dried.  It is popular in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.  The unique Long Red Pepper Fruit can be found suspended, marinating in this flavorful sauce!  Crafted by Golden Grove Global and Rocky Mountain Food Partners.
Kampot Red Long Pepper, "Piper retrofactum", is a flowering vine of the family of peppers, originally from Java, Indonesia. Very popular in Roman and Greek times, it was one of the first spices to reach Europe, from the 6th or 5th century BC. 

The fruit is harvested when it is red and ripe. It is then washed, blanched and sun-dried for several days.

It develops a complex flavor of chili and musk, tempered by sweet notes of chocolate, compote and gingerbread.

The first impression in the mouth is sweet and the spicy strength comes in a second time.

Once the bottle is opened, we recommend that you keep Kampot Red Long Pepper Sauce in the refrigerator.  

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